Wednesday, 21 September 2011


The umlaut is for effect.

The Glass Man is currently short six fingers, two ears and a foot.

Highlights of the day include:
- Making him sobbingly declare that he's a monster.
- Having him scream "Why are you doing this? You're me!", which is true, but untrue.
- The moment he actually stopped screaming and simply stared at me while I continued.
- Telling him about Dante's unfortunate end.

Now, I may be a cruel man, but I'm not an unreasonable one. When he's recovered from his current fainting spell, the Glass Man will be giving you all another post. How I look forward to seeing him type with nothing but two thumbs and a pair of index fingers.


  1. Brother, you are a work of art.

  2. You bastard.
    You FUCKING bastard.
    Just kill him. For god's sake, just KILL HIM.

  3. He was better off dead at that point.

    Oh, Tiger, look at you. I've missed you.