Monday, 12 September 2011

Interview #2

I'm in no hurry. I know where he's going, so it should only be a matter of time.

So, since I find myself in need of some stimulation, it's time for another interview!
Here's the first, so as to avoid repetition

Do you want me to tell you that I was born to a small Dutch-American family, where my father abused me for many years until I killed him? And that this lead me to my current life of violent crime, a life I was tragically never born to, but doomed to live?

Want it all you may, that doesn't make it true.

If you actually have intelligent questions to ask, now's the time to really get to know me.


  1. Do ya like killing?
    If so what do ya like about it, boyo?
    What's your favorite method to kill someone?
    Do you like the bald fuck we work for?
    How do ya enjoy life, boyo?
    Ya like blood and the likes?
    Do ya like games? ;)

  2. 1. Yes.
    2. The level of true emotional reaction. People are most honest when they know they're going to die.
    3. Personally, I feel that if I start preferring a certain way, I'll stop being creative.
    4. Good question. I... owe much to him. If anyone has the right to call him Father, it is I, but honestly, I like him as much as an ant might like a dolphin. There is simply no common ground.
    5. I enjoy life. I live simply. I eat when I want to eat, sleep when I like to sleep, fuck when I want to fuck and so on and so forth. With the exception of a few tasks, I am free to do as I wish.
    6. It was never about the blood, just the pain. Physical, mental, emotional... pain.
    7. I find a game always spices things up, but I tend not to have enough time to enact them... we should exchange notes:

  3. Thank ya, boyo~
    Sent you something nice, that I did. I like ya, got style. Gonna be lots of fun watching you. ;)

  4. What is the significance between the colors and format the names are written in on the previous post?

    "We are weak" seems to be the main drive for the hit list, currently at least. Various versions of weakness (as there is strength), so is it a common weakness we all share that drives you or just weakness in general?
    Cause' if it's the latter you mine as well kill yourself. Imperfection is quite lovely, at least to me.

    Is this a list to simply begin with? Can't imagine it would just be us. Planning on adding to it?

    You know, darling, for someone who says he's going to do some killing you sure don't seem to get things done. Tsk, tsk. Is there a purpose to that, I wonder?

  5. 1.
    White: Normal target. May or may not present difficulty.
    Red: Likely to collapse on their own.
    Underlined: High priority.
    Cyan: Easy kill.
    Mauve: May be removed from list, depending on circumstances.
    Black (Dark grey): Dead. Failure.
    Crossed out: Dead. Success

    2. Weakness is the reason I kill those who claim to follow Him. As for the rest, I simply think it would be fun and that He would approve. He's given me relatively free rein, which allows me a certain freedom in my targets.

    3. The list may change as time progresses. Pray for mauve.

    4. Oh, I have been killing. I've just been working on people you haven't met. Some runners, some not... But yes, there is a purpose. There is always a purpose.

    I wonder how far into the red I can push him?

  6. Thank you.

    By "him" I am assuming Glass Man? You have him as red for a reason, no? Are you hoping that red becomes the shade of crimson, dear Ferus?

  7. Thank you.
    I needed the laugh.

  8. Wait, I'm an "easy kill?" Oh, come the hell on.

    And you killed Typer? I was wondering what happened to him (her?) Can you send me confirmation for that so I can be sure to get them added to the list?

    -Don't Shoot The Messenger-

  9. Hello, Mr. Ferus. How are you today? You're doing well, I hope.

    You appear to have forgotten about me, so allow me to introduce myself. I am Screwtape. I am Poe's partner and Nee-chan's roommate. I work as a Tracker, which means that I discern people's identities and locations as what is more or less my current profession.

    Let me make something clear: forgetting about me was a grave miscalculation on your part. Announcing your plans to end three of my co-workers was an even graver one. You see, Father has Chosen us for a reason. And for you to declare your will higher than his is none other than blasphemy. And I certainly cannot allow any harm to come upon my own. Much as it may surprise you, as much as I despise the Raven, I must still accept that Father must have Chosen her for some purpose. If it is his will, why would I kill her, or even allow her to be killed? To rebel against Father's will so...well, you have given up your right among the Chosen. You have become more despicable than even Father's dolls. For this, you must be punished.

    I am currently closing in on your location and identity as we speak. There are plenty of leads I have, especially thanks to the Glass Man. I'm sure he wouldn't mind providing me with a few more if it were necessary. After all, he seems like the type willing to jump at a chance to save his own skin, no matter what the cost to others may be. I'm sure that he would converse with me if it got a more immanent threat off of his back.

    You have one chance, Ferus. Abandon this foolish rebellion. I'm nothing if not forgiving.

    And for Father's sake, please, be a bit more subtle with your plans next time. You're disgracing those of us who are actually competent.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Ferus: if you want to call me easy, at least TRY and sleep with me first. That way I can explain why I'm not. Probably with a sword. Probably covered in your blood. You're such a darling. <3

    Besides, I don't think you want any wolves on your tail other than Screwtape. He's probably nipping at your heels already.


  12. Oh Ferus... I DARE you to come within 10 Miles of me. SEE WHAT MIGHT HAPPEN. I have defected, yes, but I am still a Proxy. I can still feel you. And if I feel your presence ANYWHERE close to me, I will hunt you down and eat you. Alive.

    Ain't this supposed to be for questions?
    Is that a question? Why yes it is!! Ho ho ho~
    Ferus, your prey are getting all riled up. Might wanna set an example. ;)

  14. @Messenger & Maurice: Yes. I killed him. If not for His intervention I likely never would have found him. I will explain more... It was too interesting not to show to the world.

    @Screwtape: You can search to your heart's content. You will find NOTHING. You will never be on the list. The sheer fact that you defied me so ebsures it. I will, however, kill you dead should I see you. As for defying His will? I am His will.

    @Joel: Nope, still cyan.

    @Morningstar: Rejoin us and we will never even have to meet. You are exactly the kind of person we need, not these manic-depressive fools that have arisen as of late.

    @Gallows: you always find a way to brighten my day.

  15. I brighten a lot of days, that is until I stand in front of the sun and shadow over my victims. ;)
    I think you can relate there, boyo!
    Hi ho hi ho it's off to murder ya go!! Eheheh!

  16. Ferus: At least if you're gonna call me an easy target, remember my name dear. Although you may fantasise about him every night, which is perfectly understandable, I am not, in fact Joel.


    ~LUCAS (See? I even signed it for you, like I did last time.)

  17. @Lucas: Well played. Still cyan, though.

  18. I'll find nothing? Ferus, you misunderstand. I've already found much more than you think. I'm a Tracker, Mr. Ferus. This is what I do.

    Please, do not underestimate me. I will know if you're coming long before you've even left.

  19. If you've found something, it's likely either wrong or useless. There is only one knows who I am, and I doubt you would like to ask Him.

  20. Fuck.

    Why does Gallows always have to find the dangerous ones? For the love of everything good and holy..


    At least there was an explanation of the colors.