Wednesday, 28 November 2012

A Eulogy

Ladies and gentlemen, consider this a eulogy for my involvement in the Slenderverse.

This has taken a lot of consideration, but ultimately I've realized that my interest in this whole thing has waned over the course of this year. I likely would have ended things earlier, but my involvement with another writer in the 'Verse encouraged me to continue writing. Since that relationship is over, and I've continued along a different (and hopefully more fulfilling) path in life, I no longer see any point in keeping alive what should have died long ago.

To those who enjoyed my writing, I thank your involvement and support. You guys made this whole thing worthwhile.

To those who thought my writing was trash (and I know there was at least one of you), I can't really disagree. I stuck to more than one thing I should have dropped (the Glass Man's garbled speech still reddens my cheeks with embarrassment) and though I actually did have a plot and goals for my characters, my execution of these plans was shameful at best. If I could redo this whole thing, I'd rewrite all my posts from scratch.

So, ultimately, I don't regret that this blog (as well as the others I've written) is dead, only that it died a slow death.

And what of Ferus? The last we saw of him, he had wandered out of the public eye, carrying a box he likely did not fully understand. Perhaps it led him to his death. Perhaps it led him to his salvation. Perhaps, for Ferus, these two things are the same. The fact remains, however, that Ferus's fate is undetermined, so we leave him as he is: a madman, a brute, and - more so than ever - a ghost.

Good night,
"The Glass Man"

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