Sunday, 6 November 2011


I'm not going to describe my methods, because I'd hate to bore you. Likely whatever conclusion you've come to is much worse than the actual (if terrible) fact.

She's alive. She is drinking water, and I am not going to kill her. I am under contract, after all. It would be unfitting to go back after the deal is sealed.

Professionalism is key. Once sentimentality kicks in, you get, well... the Messenger. And others of course, but he's what springs to mind. So no, don't start thinking I'm "on the fence". She is going to suffer terribly. I'm just not going to kill her. Someone else has got that one handled.

Expect her to be crossed off the list within the week.


  1. sentimentality is the reason Messi got into this business, Ferus. So all in all, that was a terrible example to make.

    On another note, who do you think will kill her?

  2. shit. i hope she doesnt die >_<. that would be quite a shame.

  3. Oooh, I'm waiting for you to get a boot to the face from Shady. I imagine she's giving you a hard time by now.